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John K Clark wrote:

> >Memes that engender war, for instance, may create a
> successful
> >Imperialist culture that spreads through military force.
> Just look
> >at history.
> True, that means that those infected with the "it's good to die for
> your
> country" meme must have been able to infect at least one other person
> before
> the meme killed him.

Here we go again! No the host does not need to spread the "die for
your country meme"! The Establishment spreads the meme to the next
generation of cannon fodder through the public schools, mass media,
Churches, etc. The main avenue of meme propagation, contrary to most
Extropians, is the Establishment!

> As I said, the meme doesn't give a damn about the
> individual, it just wants to spread.

The meme is a tool of collective much for

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