Singularity: The Motion Picture

Rick Knight (
Mon, 04 Aug 97 00:09:07 CST

Sorry, I'm correcting the thread title...

Yak suggested as an idea for a plot for a transhumanist film with a
broad appeal:

"A rebellion against all these 'American President saves the world'
movies. Instead have a time travelling assassin download himself into
someone's body with the mission of killing the president because of
his opposition to anarchy. This could lead to a great opportunity of
showing the government through the eyes of someone who's seen better."

Rick responds:

That made a little reworking. Matter of fact, a serious overhaul.
Rebel all you want. Our current culture craves heros and heroics,
simple and archetypal as these themes are. But as far as the plot
goes, oh yes, by all means, have someone from the future who, because
of their advanced transhuman intellect, holds the value of human life
sacred only in what it contributes to the desired outcome for a
transhuman future. Brilliant plot device. America'll eat it up. <G>