Re: Long-term memory loss in immortals

Hara Ra (
Thu, 31 Jul 1997 20:01:32 -0700

Andrea Gallagher wrote:
> If we don't make his assumptions, do we still think this will be a big
> concern? If we fix Alzheimer's, what are the reasons to think that
> long-term memory is more limited for 140 year olds than for 40 year olds?
> If this really is a problem, maybe it's a use for those life-recordings,
> no? It would suck if you lost all the experiences that happened between
> childhood and when you get uploaded.

Just as in computing there is a tradeoff between what's in RAM and
what's on the
disk, I expect extended external storage with a good interface might
this concern. I don't expect this can be done with brains as is, and
that some
serious structural modifications are needed. Alternately, the processes
for cryonic restoration might allow periodic "sweeping" through the
relegating less important memories to the external storage, creating
for new memories. In AI, this is known as "garbage collection".

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