Re: Meme supremacy

Dan Clemmensen (
Sat, 02 Aug 1997 13:58:07 -0400

Natasha V. More (fka Nancie Clark) wrote:
> At 09:17 PM 8/1/97 -0700, Fred C. Moulton wrote:
> >As I understand the Extropian tradition, racial group differences are of
> >little or no importance. I would urge that we promote "individualism" as
> >opposed to "racial groupism" in order to work toward creating a more robust
> >and desirable future.
> "Ovation!"

My oldest daughter Kirsten is 14. She is heavily involved in an
internet-based group of Star Trek/Voyager fans, mostly female
and mostly aged 11 to 21 or so. The group focuses on romantic
relationships among crew members of Voyager. She maintains a
set of web pages that included pages for each relationship.
Recently, some group members started considering homosexual
relationships, and Kirsten came to me for a policy decision,
since the pages are in my directory on our ISP.

Here's what we decided:
1) such relationships are listed, but are likned from a
page that recommends that the younger readers check with
their parents. This is intended to minimize hassles from
parents and is in no way a value judgement on my part.

Here's the interesting part: I strongly suspect that people
who are uncomfortable with homosexual relationships among the
fictional characters will still be comfortable with the
heterosexual relationships, even though those relationships are
interspecies, and we have no idea what the sexual physiology
or practices of the non-humans is! I mean, how many Vulcans
does it take to screw in? We haven't had any negative comments
yet, but I don't know whether the parents are monitoring their
kid's internet usage.