Re: Love Us Or Else
Sat, 2 Aug 1997 06:36:10 -0400 (EDT)

Sarah Marr wrote:

> So, basically, a person wearing a flag, etc. may or may not be doing so
> through a simple desire to flaunt their sexuality, but in doing so they
> certainly are, additionally, flaunting their sexuality (and now in super
> pan-chromo-sexuality-o-vision).
> Since this is a forward-looking list, I propose electronic compatibility
> rings, which interact through short-range digital radio signals with those
> of other wearers to pick up on particular points of mutual interest and
> glow to emphasise those points. (I suppose, for subtlety, they could be
> switched to vibrate, a little like telephone pagers.)

I read this paragraph wrong the first time, I thought you were saying that
the 'points of mutual interest' glow and vibrate. Which would also be.. um..

How about a pocket sized computer, not unlike a calculator, with lists of
various tastes and fetishes. When you see a potential partner you simply
point it at them, punch in your desired fantasy (Mrs. Peacock, with the
candlestick, in the study) and it displays the exact amount of alcohol needed
before they'll give it a go!

Wax - Who doesn't wear any rings, has no idea what that means and isn't sure
he wants to know.