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> << > We could also have programmable skin, making the body a display of art
> or
> > movies, telling stories and creating a psychedelic light show. Wouldnt
> that
> > be amazing?
> > What would yall have pictures of?
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> > danny
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> Very interenting....
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> Thanks, these are the kinds of things I think the future is going to be
> about, really going beyond the boundaries. Once we have complete control of
> matter the only thing left is the imagination.
> danny

Indeed, in one of some my mad menthal researches (not that all
are like these, at the opposite, but these help a lot to
separate from the local spatial-temporal knowledge, and, sometimes,
discover something "unseen"...) I thought that since our brains are
nothing more than a molecular agglomerate ( as I've already said
somewhere...) and, consequently, a matter agglomerate interacting
something very near, such brain is processing nothing more nothing
less than a certain quantity of the possible physical interactions
between particles of such matter ( obvious...). The mere "feeling"
(detecting) of such interaction already would mean (in a certain
level) a knowledge experience of any of such happening interactions.
So we already "know" them inside ourselves and are simply translating
them to, f.ex., a math/phys language...(higher levels of
And why wouldn't we have already the possibility of "controlling the
matter" as mentioned dear Danny... and do not know how to do it...
Matter dealing with the same matter....with a control-processing
global function (the brain + other sensors...) and possibility of
concluding about itself...

A thing litterally to think...

PS: About the lainguistic mistakes, as I'm not an english language
country citizen, I ask you to forgve me (Except some that I do not
remember... I will possibly agree with the English Education
Ministry - or something like that - which said that the "palmer"in
useful with some school boys (or if one behave as if were...))
Yours, Prof. Gomes.

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