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> "Prejudice" as the media like to call it is often simple rational thinking.
> The facts: the whole of central and southern Africa hasn't produced
> an even remotely technolological "modern civilization". >>
>Then I must have some mis-information. I was helping a young black driver
>the other day...he was having problems understanding the concept of
>"axel-weight" vs "gross weight" , very confusing really....all those big
>numbers. At any rate...during the course of the conversation he told me that
>during the "black studies" course in his high school he was taught about the
>ancient black civilizations of Africa which had electric airplanes...and many
>other (rather poorly defined) amazing and marvelous technological devices.
> Of course somehow (unclear just how it happened) the white man stole it,
>along with mathematics which was perhaps why he was having such difficullties
>at the moment.
>You mean he was wrong?

EvMick, don't blame this man for the schools he was sent to. Public
schools, especially the inner-city ones that tend to serve poor Blacks,
have gotten far worse than they were when you were in school, and they
weren't great then.