otters (Was: Re: Meme supremacy)

den Otter (
Mon, 1 Sep 1997 13:24:55 +0200

In response to Russel Blackford's writings:
> I do find the exchange startling.
Yes, it must be shocking to hear the truth unabashed, and freely
spoken. It does revive the weary, somewhat sclerotic politically
correct mind, doesn't it...sure beats a coke to get them senses goin'.
> What's a den otter?
A critical person, endowed with extreme "common sense" (so much it
actually hurts).
>A river otter I understand.
Or a sea otter.
>Presumably it's an animal that sits in your den (or perhaps
> floats in your den otter tank) and despises otters with different
>coloured fur, or something.
Only tanks filled with liquid nitrogen are acceptable, though I'm no
hurry to get into one. Besides, I don't dislike other otters for the
colour of eir fur or the shape of eir tail, but for the wrongness
of eir memes and the unwillingness to change in the face of overwhelming
evidence that the path they follow leads to certain
death and destruction.
> It's always nice to see some naked racism, just to
> remind yourself of what it looks like.
Life must be pretty dull on Mars...So the usual racism wears clothes then,
hmmm...that figures. You mean trendy labels like "we must protect them
'cause they're too pathetic to do it themselves" or "look
how righteous I am, I even care about *those* people" TM. Fashionable
You can say that again! Next time, please say something more

DdO o :-)~~~~)-:[