Re: Meme supremacy
Thu, 31 Jul 1997 23:25:04 -0400 (EDT)

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"Prejudice" as the media like to call it is often simple rational thinking.
The facts: the whole of central and southern Africa hasn't produced
an even remotely technolological "modern civilization". >>

Then I must have some mis-information. I was helping a young black driver
the other day...he was having problems understanding the concept of
"axel-weight" vs "gross weight" , very confusing really....all those big
numbers. At any rate...during the course of the conversation he told me that
during the "black studies" course in his high school he was taught about the
ancient black civilizations of Africa which had electric airplanes...and many
other (rather poorly defined) amazing and marvelous technological devices.
Of course somehow (unclear just how it happened) the white man stole it,
along with mathematics which was perhaps why he was having such difficullties
at the moment.

You mean he was wrong?

>>Fact: they did
not even invent the wheel or bow and arrow. Unlike for example native
Americans they did not adapt when confronted by white (Boer) settlers
and were crushed (while the American natives were primarily defeated
by "alien" diseases like smallpox). >>

Now how can that be true? I seem to recall that a certain Zulu Cheiftain had
his warriors repeatedly charge a squad of Boers(or was it British?) armed
with a Maxim Machine gun. It seems that the machine gun had more bullets
than the Chief had warriors and that tribe went extinct. Most unfair...if
he'd had only a few more young black males....and calling them stupid ? Most
unappreciative of the psycho-social dynamics I would think.

Of course the Apache DID high-tail it at the mere sight of a Gatling Gun.
And then nail the suckers from ambush...but that was completely different.