to show the invisible

Anton Sherwood (
Thu, 31 Jul 1997 18:46:43 -0700

: [...] trying to present highly complex, world changing
: technologies in a way the audience would understand. For instance, how
: do you show nano-technology or uploading in a movie (without resorting
: to "I can feel something... something strange... entering... my... body...
: something small... almost nanoscopical in size" or "as you can see,
: virtual reality technology has progressed so far that everything in
: here looks _exactly_ like it does in the real world!").

Well, the goofy television serious "VR.5" (whose heroine found a way to
patch herself into the subconscious mind of someone on the other end of
a telephone call) conveyed the synthetic world by distorting colors (but
not all colors): I happened to turn it on recently during a scene in which
everyone had bright green eyes and bright orange hair.

Of course, sometimes the audience isn't meant to know (until later)
that reality is not reality, as in STNG's "Moriarty".

Show swarms of nanobots as fractal branching structures visible only with
an infrared viewer.

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