Polygamy ?

Prof. Jose Gomes Filho (gomes@dpx.cnen.gov.br)
Thu, 31 Jul 1997 15:00:35 +0000

> On Wed, 30 Jul 1997, Prof. Jose Gomes Filho wrote:
> > With no preconcepts, but another interesting and strategical
> > advantage in the "gay movement" is that, being this a
> > sexually-oriented movement, and they getting more victories with
> > "courts and laws", the minds will get broad enough to admit polygamy
> > too
> I would like to think that the legalization of gay marriages would indeed
> be a step in a trajectory of ever-broadening legally sanctioned modes of
> intimate association -- polygamy, for one, but the whole gamut of familial
> relationships one finds in, say, Heinlein as well. I don't know, however,
> that I share your optimistic appraisal of lesbian and gay victories in the
> courts. In the United States at any rate. Best, Dale

I understand your fears... I like my family too (and for
traditional reasons there is no polygamy (nor even
homosx). But, If we broad our minds, I really do not see any
reason why, for example, a man cannot have more than one wife (if he
earns enough ... and they too - it is important...), loving
themselves and all being happy and... a real family. Real familiar
relashionships transcend laws, courts and... religions.We may have
lots of sisters, and love them without making sex, why not wives,
it is not because of the same sex is it???: Just tradition and... a
little (lot) os egoism from women (in general and socially) which are
not so friends of each other as they want to appear so... E G O I S
M!!! Haven't you seen those happy mormons with their many wives ???
It seems like a homy heaven... (or, sometimes, hell.. hehehe...
water!? water!?)
Regards and evolution... (let's not forget such interesting aspect
and... good interface to loving more the existence...)

I surely want (not just guess or believe) that in the near future,
less than a century period, the great majority of behavioural
impositions will not survive because of the so-called inteligent
development... Else the Homo cyber will really separate
(obviously in peace...) from the Homo sapiens "teological", and this
that continue dieing, killing each other and hoping "to go to
heaven".... Polygamy, for example will be completely free. ( real
democracy is yet far from being stabilished in present reallity...
possibly because people, in general, have no intelectual conditions
yet to take their own wheels, and still need rails to walking without
crashing with other... Tres Ridicule..)

Prof. Gomes

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