Re: Is the Mandelbrot Set real?

Hara Ra (
Sat, 26 Jul 1997 21:42:56 -0700

John K Clark wrote:

> Wed, 23 Jul 1997 Hara Ra <> Wrote:
> >I am stating that IMO the platonic notion that the entire Mandelbrot
> >set exists is unreal, and what is real is our limited representations
> >of same in our physical brains, which are finite.
> What's this "our" business?
OK. "We Human Beings". Since I've never met you, you pass my personal
Turing Test. Pass the borg, please.

> Your chain of reasoning invariably leads to the
> conclusion that the only thing that's real is your thoughts, an obvious
> absurdity.
Not quite. In the middle of all this is the possibility of quantifying
thought, or what the set of possible thoughts might be like, and
the magnitude of the size of this set. Very useful when thinking of why
uploading might be desirable.

> On the other hand, If you'd said the only think that's real is
> John Clark's thoughts then it would be a much more reasonable theory.

What makes you think you didn't say that?

> Leaving solipsism aside, it's possible that you're correct, but is there any
> reason to think that The Mandelbrot Set is less real than the chair you're
> sitting on right now?

Yah. With a good nanodisassembler, I can get a very good spec of the
which can be manipulated. However, now the nanodisassembler becomes a

Knowing the limits of our brains (do brains exist?) is IMHO, useful

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