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> At 11:34 PM 8/30/97 +0200, DdO wrote:
> >There is nothing wrong with "discriminating" against other memes;
> >after all, they _are_ inferior to the forerunners (the transhuman
> >philosophies) of the "master meme"
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> >Underneath that aryan exterior there still
> >will be a negro soul...people will still hate eachother, just not at first
> >glance. The change of skin won't solve the problems of unevenly distributed
> >intelligence (in the broadest sense of the word), the real cause for
> >racism.
> Jesus wept, what's *happening* to this list?
> Please tell me this disgusting piece of racism is just an unfortunately
> botched attempt to say something less offensive.
> Damien Broderick

I suppose that we have to be very careful with the religious,
particularly christians in general, because they really believe..
and love.. myths like Jesus, saints, angels... and also they have
been thaught (programmed), counciously or not, for not liking enough
the real world. Even Jesus said: "My kingdom is not in this
world" and "The world will hate you and you will hate the world... "
Just God or Jesus would "save" them ( from what???) - terrible words
but coherent with the judaic-chistian doctrine that assumes the
existence of another world, a heaven, all happiness and good, where
they were promised to go with the supposed "Good Boy"of "God Father"
and...obviously no working and nothing to do ( very interesting for a
lot of people - hehehe ) excepting adoring Jesus (or God, etc.) !!!
< secretly: I think it is a little homossexual ... hihihi
...blasphemous, impious and profane!! joking ...> Ah! and no sex :
terrible... in this particular aspect I would prefer the hell,
obviouoly having an important political position there...

For this, they can feel sad and even get offended with the
answers we give them. And we can loose the colaboration of important
people... what we do not want...

I have observed that there is always a diplomatic way to separating
the social, etc, from religious subjects (at least on the
intelectual level of this list, obviously...).

If reason marries emotion, with love, they will change lots of good
experiences and effects, I observe... (Note that we will never
loose the reason...but feel better the effects of the emotional
fluxes... At the end, the reason will become stronger, and the
emotion kinder and better conducted, like a musical instrument, when
well played...)

I think it is really better putting the religious interpretations
aside. So, the religious and believers also must try to reflect a
little more and give sociological or psychological or
anthropological, etc. basements for their thoughts...
since our minds are already "very grown up" and free from
impositive, superficial or just emotive "reasons" .. (not emotional,
which we try to understand, explain and...feel as real "lords"),
even when these reasons seem "good" (but are "pseudogoods", we are
already tired to know...). Or so, the believers will be gotten as
being wrong and will not get to trasmit their good (and really
useful) messages "ocult" in their minds. Really this i's not a
religion list... (Convert yourselves !!!...hehehe)

Indeed, if I were from Human Sciences, I would better explore the
rich experiences of mankind, developped, obviously with little or no
global surety and real basis, by religions...and try to transforming
such experiences in more useful and real effects...

Please let's not talk using religions....(although it is useful to
analyse them, taking what is good and thashing what is bad...(and not
for recycling..hehehe)).

Prof. Gomes

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