many worlds

Anton Sherwood (
Wed, 30 Jul 1997 21:47:20 -0700

Yakwax says--
: If you wanted to see a universe where I didn't write this post, you would
: have to change a few things:
: -- Me wanting to send the post - All that behavioural stuff in my brain
: that made me want to reply to your post, which would mean...
[... a chain back to the Big Bang ...]

Naah. You could be prevented by

-- a slip of the fingers that caused you to miss the post to which you're

-- a phone call, triggered by an association that might or might not be
made in someone else's mind;

-- an urgent call of nature, contingent on how a bit of food settled
in your guts;

-- a stab of your cat's claws;

any of which could delay your posting long enough to forget what you were
thinking about.

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