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At 07:17 PM 7/29/97 +0000, Kathryn Aegis wrote:

>In re Natasha's response to my posting: I must confess to a bit of
>confusion about your reply, because you seem to have broadened your
>initial statement to include other groups, whereas I originally
>understood you to be making an assessment of the power that my
>community supposedly has right now. And, in comparing the two
>assessments, I would tend to give more weight to the assessment of the
>persons living and working within that community, as I would with
>such an assessment about any community or group.

I stand firm on what I have stated in particular that changes happen
regardless of old foggies or hard headed fools. (-;) I'm amiss at what
other groups you are referring to. I don't think I mentioned any other
groups. Although privately E. Shaun and I have been discussing other
"groups" and "individuality" which I don't think were publicly posted.

Interestingly enough, I did have a long conversation a couple of days ago
with a director of social services at West Hollywood's City Hall. We
discussed the issues raised on this list. His comments were very positive.
He attributed much of the strides in the gay and lesbian community as having
been boosted by some organizations in particular and what the future
directions will be. One aspect of our conversation that I found important
is that the West Hollywood non-discrimination laws have become prototypes
for many communities around the country, and internationally.

Rather than continue the thread in this direction, I'd rather resume the
initial topic of sex changes if that happens to come up again.

Get well! The conference is in 9 days!


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