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> On Tue, 29 Jul 1997, Patrick Wilken wrote:
> > A few days ago I posted a note to the effect that we are now have the
> > technology to alter the human germ line. And in the following days all I
> > see are nutso posts or posts that rely on science that won't become
> > available for decades if not centuries. Yet here we have a technology that
> > would allow us TODAY to create human beings (??) that would have natural
> > lifespans of 100s (1000s???) of years (presuming inserting the appropriate
> > antioxidant genes into the human genome will work the same as experiments
> > like those on fruit flies).
> Huh? How does this follow? We have had the technology to alter the
> human germ line for several years by now as far as I know (the point
> is that nobody did it/was allowed to), but that doesn't mean we know
------ Now, how
should we feel about certain governments and religious that act
against such development? Even foreseeing that we'll possibly die
before their intelectual evolution?? But, let's come back to
science...and try the ressurrection too...

> how to do many useful alterations.

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