Re: "While I'm sitting here drinking coffee..."
Tue, 29 Jul 1997 21:19:46 -0400 (EDT)

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>Reference : SHIVA a science fiction book of some years ago which postulated
>drawing power from the Ionospher by "shorting' it to ground using laser
>to ionize a path.

And you said:

I haven't seen this. Is it good hard SF?
I seem to recall that it was published in the time I stop by the
house I'll check...I NEVER throw a book I like away. not really good hard
SF....I'd say the giggle factor is about 50%

And I said:
>Reference: Forest Bishops Web Page...his article on an Antartic Mass Driver
>(Orbital Catapult )

And You said;

Please, it is called "South Pole Accelerator". The reason I name my
inventions/concepts is to assist in my claim to them- the same reason
parents name their children. I could remember at the now...I had
no access to the web.

And You said:

>Roswell New Mexico
^^^^^^^^ And how's it going in the hometown?

Roswell was fine...Not my a fair truckstop...and a middlin
bookstore...drop mucho dinero in both.

They're making a big deal about the Aliens..(alien this and alien
that....billboards, signs, bars etc.) The notiarity is making them a fair
amount of money.

Effingham Il.