Re: Queer Politics, Extropian Politics [Was: Sex Change]
Tue, 29 Jul 1997 20:23:01 -0400 (EDT)

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>I don't want to raise the heat in this conversation unecessarily, but in
>the interest of clarity I would want to reiterate that as far as I'm
>concerned every lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgendered person in the
>United States might properly be regarded as "under attack,"

Well...let me give you my take on that. I call it stereotypical
response...response to stereotypes.

Now stereotypical response is a survival characteristic. It was for me while
participating in the South East Asian War Games....It was for ancesteroral
man when confronted by a hairy, toothy critter with claws and an evil
disposition...It STILL is for me today...(deceptive camoflauge...I'll touch
on that later)

Now I LIKE Gays...I wish there were more of them...because for every gay man
that means there is less competetion for me in my search for a compatable
lady. And I must philosophicaly agree with Lesbians...we both like the same

However : Many times when I have to drive thru a big city late at night
there will be a car pull up beside me while traveling down the freeway...the
dome light will come on and there will be a guy jerking off...sometimes he
will then pull in front of me and hit his brakes...trying to get me to pull
over.(Once a cop saw this happen, he pulled us both my story of
what happened and sent me on my doubt there's a story about "Mean
cop molesting poor Gay Man" circulating over that)

I no longer listen to the CB radio....there always seems to be someone on
there with a pronounced lisp...the dominate word is "Cum-Cum"...

Once when I put an "ad" on a computer dating service I was overwhelmed by
responses from gay men...even though my ad was in the "men seeking women"

Prior to "deceptive camoflauge"..many times when walking from my truck to the
Resturant in a Truck Stop I would be acosted by Queers...After the second or
third time of having to knot a head to get him to leave me alone I decided
something had to be done.

That someting was "deceptive camoflauge"...I now weigh 260lbs...(result of
concentration curls and budweiser curls"...have full beard and long
hair...dress all in black, wear wrap-around sunglasses...heavy
boots...leather biker headscarve...smoke nasty ceeegars...carry what appear
to be various weapons...and don't smile much....the queers leave me
alone.(the laptop computer under my arm kinda spoils the picture...I'm
working on that)

The gays around truck-stops and trucks behave in such a way as to evoke a
sterotype. That is the truckers see how the gays they encounter behave and
stereotypicaly assign that behavior to all gays.

The gays around the truck-stops see me dressed as the stereotypical
pyschopathic, killer biker...with weapons yet...and they assume a
stereotype...after all gays are kind,gentle and loving....they would want
nothing to do with such as I.....right?

The point I'm making is that perhaps the societal response to "Gays" is self're not going to change stereotypical's genetic
and still too change your stereo type. You need better PR.

And the Maplethorpe exhibit...the attack on the Catholic Church in San
Francisco , conspicious displays of affection between men in public, and
other "in your face"...consciousness raising....tactics ain't it.

(unfortunately...what runs off cruising gays also runs off potentially
compatable wome....oh well...guess being a bachelor ain't so bad)

Rolla MO.(and now ...after revisions every 100 or so miles ...Effingham Ill.)