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> << Real scientists
> don't waste the paper complaining, they try to show so good evidence
> and proof that the establishment will be forced to accept them >>
> A good point. Complicated by the premise that the "researcher" is supposedly
> attempting to attract funds for research and development for his new
> technology and feels he is being shut out by "vested interests".

Yes. But in that case he won't complain, instead he will hype his
research, use plenty of buzzwords ("java based connectionist agents
in intranets") and warn that the japanese are doing the same

Real scientists get their chance to get even once they got their
Nobel prize, Fields medal or whatever - they can spend all day
telling their awed audience the hardships they had to suffer to
discover their great discovery, how science policy should really
work, and immortalize their old nemesis with some witty remark. :-)

> As an aside. Please evaluate Dr. Eugene Mallow's "Cold Fusion"
> I've mentioned...I've surfed their some of their
> magazines...and they appear no more difficult to beleive than Penrose, Von
> Neuman, Hawkings or Al Gore.

I have not had the time (and will not have the time) to seriously
evaluate them. I'm fairly sceptical, for the simple reason that they
have not produced any truly noticeable demonstrations. If they really
are on to something, it would be easy for them to produce some
dramatic effect showing that significant energy is produced ("do this
and the lab explodes") that would convince even the sceptics. So far
it has been very quiet; as far as I know no papers published in the
major journals, no wild press releases (in itself a good sign). But
this is just a quick impression, I haven't followed the field at all.

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