Re: Historic Moment Missed

Max More (
Mon, 28 Jul 1997 23:05:14 -0700

At 01:00 PM 7/29/97 +1000, you wrote:
>A few days ago I posted a note to the effect that we are now have the
>technology to alter the human germ line. And in the following days all I
>see are nutso posts or posts that rely on science that won't become
>available for decades if not centuries. Yet here we have a technology that
>would allow us TODAY to create human beings (??) that would have natural
>lifespans of 100s (1000s???) of years (presuming inserting the appropriate
>antioxidant genes into the human genome will work the same as experiments
>like those on fruit flies).

This will be news to the many longevity researchers who still see extending
life as a hard problem! Even Michael Rose (he of the long-lived fruit
flies) doesn't see this as something we can do today. Why, exactly, do you
believe we can TODAY create humans with multi-century lifespans. It seems
to me that the fruit fly research cannot be applied to humans. We have no
idea which genes in humans (if any -- no genetic theory of aging has been
proven) would allow us to live longer.


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