Re: Queer Politics, Extropian Politics [Was: Sex Change]

E. Shaun Russell (
Mon, 28 Jul 1997 15:45:46 -0700

Dale wrote:

>Believe me, I am utterly uninterested in being known as a fag instead of
an >individual. I am uninterested in special rights, but equal ones will
suit >me just fine. My intimate associations are the last thing I would
want to >provide the basis for anyone paying attention to me.

*That* is the most progressive attitude any "minority figure" can
have. If someone attacks you for being gay, you have every right to defend
your individual sexual orientation. The problem is that so often, a person
is attacked for his views on a totally different issue and he will fight
that person using the fact that he is gay as ammunition...trying to gain
pity because he is a "minority". The exploitation of this fact damages the
credibility of the rights group in society's eyes --it would be he who
brought the sexual orientation into question.


>If we assume that most people imagine that they are being hired to do a
job >and do it well, why can't we say then that, should this be the case, an
>employer who fires demotes or otherwise unfairly treats an employee in the
>service of some fool prejudice is breaching contract with her -- unless
>something about the employer's racism, sexism, or whatever had a very
>conspicuous place *in* the contract to begin with?

Indeed. If an unobtrusive homosexual is hired to do a job well,
the only reason that person should be fired is because he or she does *not*
do the job well. The issue of that person's homosexuality should not come
into play unless, for some reason, it hinders his\her job. If a person is
fired *because* he\she is gay but did the job well, then the employer is
discriminating...and that is most certainly unfair. It is an interesting
idea to have a clause in the contract exclaiming that the employer is
homophobic. In such a case, if a gay worker still accepts the job, he\she
should acknowledge the risk of his\her sexual orientation in such a position.
That person should know to keep his\her orientation quiet. The whole idea
of there being discriminatory employers is revolting in the first place; to
be persecuted for something that (as far as I know) cannot be helped is the
most despicable form of makes a mockery of liberty. As
long as people like this are in positions of "power", minorities are at a
bit of an impasse. The question is this: what is the best way to fight
this kind of domination? If such people won't see reason, what can be
done? The questions are feasible and are yet to be resolved.

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