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Anders Sandberg (
Mon, 28 Jul 1997 17:01:19 +0200 (MET DST)

On Thu, 28 Aug 1997, den Otter wrote:

Most of these are clearly within the bounds of possibility, some
likely in a very near future.

> --a studly (tall, fair and muscular) physique. Guess how I look now :(

Obviously possible to implement given some dedication even today. I
must admit I was amazed how quickly I could turn my usual
nerd-physique into a healthy normal physique when I put my mind to

> --"perfect health" (highly efficient immune system, quick auto-repair etc.)

Probably the widest and most useful goal listed here.

> -- an accurate internal clock (much better the biological one) so I always
> know the exact time without having to wear a watch.

I think we already have a fairly accurate internal clock, we just
need a better interface. Bionics is an obvious solution, but I
wouldn't implant a clock on its own, rather put it in a package deal
such as an internal computer with radio, net-links etc.

> --enhanced and fully (auto) adjustable hearing, sense of smell, sight
> (normal+nightvision+infrared).

Dampening ought to be possible by growing small patches of inhibitory
neurons linked to an electrode, and then make them synapse on the
brain nerves. Improved senses are a bit harder.

> --implants (?) for encyclopaedic knowledge of history, maths, chemistry,
> physics language and killing techniques (self defense) to name a few
> possibilities.

Might be very hard unless we can unravel the neural structure of our
brains well.

> --telepathic capabilities (internal radio?).

An internal computer with (say) subvocal input linked through an IR
link to the local net ought to do this quite nicely.

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