Re: Sex Change

Kathryn Aegis (
Sun, 27 Jul 1997 07:57:46 +0000

Natasha More:
>The gay
>community has become quite recognized and powerful in many segments of
>society. It is not longer considered a handicap, but a voice of individualism.

I'm sorry, Natasha, but all current evidence runs against your
statement. The staff of national gay organizations, which I interact with
on a regular basis, would dearly like to take a break and would give
almost anything to have the kind of power and influence you mention.
Violence and social approbabation, losing one's job and housing are
the daily realities for gay persons all over the globe. Yes we have
made progress, but it is slow, hard-won, and easily lost. Even in
the field of the arts, which I assume you may be using as an example,
gay art is often ghettoized, and many remain in the closet to keep
their jobs. Yes, I see much hope ahead, also a lot of work, but
work that none of us would take on if we didn't see the chance to
make a better life.

I am sorry that this does not sound as
optimistic as your above statement, but I would rather develop an
optimism that deals with things as they really are and where we have
the most chance of making a better life. And this is definitely an
area in which I am finding some conflicts with extropian thinking,
because sometimes I feel torn between the the two, but I suppose that
is something I must work out on my own.


Kathryn Aegis