Re: Re[2]: Re[2]: IRS regulations in business
Sun, 27 Jul 1997 08:55:04 -0400 (EDT)

EvMick wrote:

> The reasoning follows. The industry in the US (world) which has the least
> amount of Guv. meddling is the computer industry. Ref: Moores law...You
> Twice the computer for half the money every 18 months. I take that to be
> NORMAL course of events absent guv meddling.
> It is the birthright of everyone to acheive millionaire (billionaire)
> by middle age...given a free economy.The guv meddling stealing
> our birthright and only a few manage to acheive it.
> Or as the guy drinking coffee two tables over said (no doubt regarding
> something else...but entirely appropriate none the less)..."Another
> Government Screw-up"..

The government is doing great, they haven't screwed up at all. Look at the
government as your average business: One of the most important things in
business is marketing, the government are great at marketing they've got all
the people thinking they can't live without them. They're taking your money
by force, yet the majority of people think the world would collapse without
the government's services.

The government hasn't even screwed up when it comes to controversy and
conspiracy. A bit of a conspiracy takes the peoples minds off of the greater
picture (they're getting screwed). It makes people think "everything would
be okay, if only we could sort out the problems in government" rather than
"everything would be okay, if only we didn't have a government".

The worse thing is, the government employees _believe_ their own bullshit
(AMG). Because of this the government has become an entity on to itself,
making it a difficult target, there is no person in control of the
government. The idea that ' we the people' owns the government is completely
true. The majority of people believing in some form of government and until
they realise they are wrong nothing will change.

No amount of legislation will better the government. The more we try to 'fix
it' the more complex it gets. Complexity leads to weakness, loopholes and
difficulty of enforcement (look at the legal system). We do not need to
think out every possibility and find the correct solution (something we could
never do). We need simplicity. What could be simpler than freedom?

The government haven't screwed up, we have.