Outreach, Clubhouse, Garbage

Steve Witham (sw@tiac.net)
Sat, 26 Jul 1997 22:14:14 -0400

>Michael Butler:
>>As I said before, it boils down to whether this is a clubhouse or an
>>outreach list. This may be a hard choice.
>Bobby Whalen:
> Yes, but a choice that should be left to each individual user. If
>you want a clubhouse, nothing is to stop you from creating a filter that
>only allows only certain users posts to filter thru. I believe there is
>already someone on this list, who has successfully done this.

Well, there's at least me. I spend much more time than I'd like
adding people to my exclude-filter. The effect is that the clubhouse
feeling is lessened. And I did think this was a club,
with open doors but with some rules about what we talk about and how.
Maybe you think it "should" be left to each individual "user;" I don't,
and I don't think the rules do (although I haven't read them lately


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