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Subject: Re: Re[2]: Re[2]: IRS regulations in business
Date: Saturday, July 26, 1997 9:37 PM

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Speaking to a retired Guv. (ahem) employee

<< See, the trouble with your position is this. The money you use to do
your thing has been taken from people. (In the best possible cases) the
thing you've done seems to have had some visible benefit; but what is
invisible is the other stuff people could have done with the money you
took off them in taxes. Think about it. >>

<breaking in rudely>

I've thought about it. I do think about it... I am thinking aboutl it...a

The guv. takes over %50 percent of my income.
The guv. restricts entry into busines by regulation.
The guv thereby chokes off new jobs and increases the cost of living.

At a minimium, were there no guv. meddling, I would have a minimium of
times the disposable income that I now have......I "guesstimate" that it
would in reality be closer to ten times.

The reasoning follows. The industry in the US (world) which has the least
amount of Guv. meddling is the computer industry. Ref: Moores law...You
Twice the computer for half the money every 18 months. I take that to be
NORMAL course of events absent guv meddling.

It is the birthright of everyone to acheive millionaire (billionaire)
by middle age...given a free economy.The guv meddling stealing
our birthright and only a few manage to acheive it.

Or as the guy drinking coffee two tables over said (no doubt regarding
something else...but entirely appropriate none the less)..."Another
Government Screw-up"....


Dear EvMick and other fellow Extropians:

Despite my advancing years, my wrinkles, arthritis, failing eyesight and
the length and whiteness of my beard, I have not yet retired from service
to the the people of the State of New York and the United States. My wife
has advised me that I can retire from my present position on August 2,
1999. At that time I will accept an offered position and begin to teach
public administration and public policy in one of the graduate schools of
one of our fine regional colleges.

I quite agree with you when you complain that our governmental systems are
far from perfect. The number of policy statements and governmental reform
legislation that I have been involved in producing to improve government
operations never seems to end. That has not yet stopped me from trying to
overcome the numerous constraints that are thrown in my way.

I also agree with you that some of the money that goes to provide
necessary government services is wasted. I don't think that taxation is
extortion, however. I firmly believe that government does a lot of good
and is quite capable of doing a lot more good than it does. It would
certainly work a lot better if we would all put our egos in our back
pockets and let those of us who have spent a lifetime studying and working
at our chosen careers in professional government service trying to do our
jobs despite the continuous interference of well meaning dilettants and a
herd of politically and ideologically fixated ignoramusus who know little
or nothing about governmental operations except how to gum up the works
with unnecessary regulations and other bothersome clap-trap.

For those of you who have wonderful theories on how to improve government
let us see how they can be implimented for the broad common good. I've
heard a good deal of criticism of government during my pre-government
education and continuously during my attempts to serve the citizens who
pay me a wage that is far less than I would have earned in the private

I have no complaints, however, about what I have been permitted to do in
service for humanity, although there are many who would second guess my
methods until the cows come home.

It's quite possible that some day, long after I'm gone, someone, somewhere
will come up with a better and more equitable system.

I'd like to be around to see that happen but although I'm optimistic about
the human condition, I do not perceive any great change in the near

Flame away to your hearts content.