Misuse of term "Evolution"

Sat, 26 Jul 1997 17:53:31 -0400 (EDT)

IMHO the word "Evolution" is being consistently misused. Reference prior
examples such as "higher" evolution..."more" evolved...and my favorite

This implies that natural evolution is directed...has a moral sense...has

>From reading the works of a leader in the field of Evolution , Richard
Dawkins, (The Selfish Gene, Blind Watchmaker, Rive out of Eden)I have a
different impression....namely that evolutionary pressures are relative to
the current situation. Something that was beneficial in the past may NOT be
benificial now...such as sickle cell enemia. (remembering that you can't
only do just one thing...and neither can nature)

As the enviromental pressures change and shift so does evolutionary
pressures. What was once beneficial may now be detrimental..

Which gives us a problem....evolution acts VERY slowly...over at least
thousands and more likely Millions of years...Howevef of late our enviroment
has been changing much more rapidly...

My great-grand father would have been more comfortable and familiar with the
culture thousand years earlier than his(perhaps...certainly several hundred)
than he would have been with todays world.

Where once Muscles, Coordination and Stamina were survival
characterstics...several years ago they would just get you drafted. Nerds
didn't get drafted (4F)...The ultimate nerd is the richest guy in the US