Re: Fact or Fiction...Good reading!

Hara Ra (
Fri, 25 Jul 1997 10:07:24 -0700 wrote:
> << If psychedelics open up a conduit in your chemical makeup to receive
> information from another dimension <snip>

> I definately believe this. The psychoactive chemical in mushromms,
> psilocybin, has a tryptamine base molecule, the same as serotonin, the
> leading neurotransmitter in our brains. This opens up a doorway into
> hyperspace, into our minds and souls. A place to explore, experience, learn,
> and rediscover ourselves and our universe in exctatic trance. I believe(as
> well as many) that psychedelics are the missing link.

As does Terence McKenna. I have a more mundane POV. As the psychedelic
occupies the inhibitory sites, the noise level in the brain increases.
Noise when applied to a complex system will evoke whole complexes of
experience, well beyond mere pixillated snow type effects. Such
evocations will have all of the attributes of psychedelic experience.
What I have noticed is that the user of same only comes out with some
variation of what they went in with. Terence, for example, has a mind
full of interesting concepts to start with, so the result is even more
interesting. Dull friends of mine can take shrooms and have an ecstatic
trance of very little if anything. If a genuine hyperspace link were
true, wouldn't even the dull ones have interesting stuff to report??

BTW, exploring one's noise can be very useful and creative.

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