Earliest civilizations (was Fact or Fiction)

Rick Knight (rknight@platinum.com)
Fri, 25 Jul 97 10:42:40 CST

Guru George stated:

Basically, there seems to be pretty good evidence for a fairly uniform
and sophisticated pre Indo-European culture across the whole
Mediterranean and Balkan region from about 7000 BC to about 3500 BC,
which seems tohave been gradually destroyed by successive waves of
invasions by bastards with bronze swords, who subsequently got to
build all the monuments. Kind of depressing really.

Rick responds ;->

Thus the first clamor towards owning beach front property was born.
Seriously though, as things turned out, it seems like more barbaric
tribes of humans short-circuited what may have been a much
sooner-to-arrive age of prosperity for those emerging cultures. Don't
know enough about the history other than to skim the surface but I
find it fascinating how history seems to be defined by its wars.
Maybe this is where it all started. When things are going smoothly,
not much to write home about.