META: Clubhouse or Outreach

Rick Knight (
Fri, 25 Jul 97 10:25:34 CST

Michael Butler wrote:

I freely grant that I should learn more diplomacy. Thank you for the
reminder. Perhaps some of the other correspondents to this list should
learn more science. Perhaps not.

Rick Knight responds:

You're very gracious. I was a little pensive that I was potentially
starting a flame (fanning them bores me <G>).

I dodge the more sensational threads. The current thread on techno
music (although I'm an occasional raver at 39!) doesn't charge me
either. I loved the the implications on uploading although it got a
little dry after a while. This list is addictive to me (YIKES, I'm
being assimilated) and I can essentially go with the flow. Balance is
my middle wait, it's Brian...or does it have a "Y". Where's
my license?