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> My understanding (I may be mistaken) was that Thera and Crete were
> contemperanious...Crete being the homeland. Thera the colony....there are
> extensive ruins of the Minoan civilization still extant on Crete...the Palace
> of Minos comes to mind...when the Volcano on Thera went Ka-Blooey it made a
> BIG ripple...enough to scrub away most of that day's civilization....I
> beleive Homer (?)..(the guy who wrote about Atlantis)...was referring to
> something in the past ...folklore handed down...before the disaster...

Yes, this is similar to what I have read during my (spotty) studies
of history and archeology.

It was Platon who wrote about Atlantis, although he attributed the
story to Solon who was said to have heard it from the Egyptians. It
is not unreasonable that the Egyptian folklore remembered it, ash
layers and signs of big flooding along the coast have been found from
the relevant era, and the disasters mentioned in Exodus could quite
well be based on the Thera disaster.

The moral is: don't build your civilization in a geologically
unstable area. Hmm, and I'm going to California in two weeks... :-)

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