Re: Garbage

Bobby Whalen (
Thu, 24 Jul 1997 16:26:27 PDT

Michael Butler:

>As I said before, it boils down to whether this is a clubhouse or an
>outreach list. This may be a hard choice.

Bobby Whalen:

Yes, but a choice that should be left to each individual user. If
you want a clubhouse, nothing is to stop you from creating a filter that
only allows only certain users posts to filter thru. I believe there is
already someone on this list, who has successfully done this.

Myself, I welcome a more *open* forum - here's why. People rant on
rave on this list about using critical thinking skills. Part of the
price of being open to new and *unexpected* good ideas, is to take the
risk of receiving bad ones. You have a brain - use it. Use your
critical thinking skills to sort out the good from the bad. Nothing
irks me more, than someone else ramming there opinion of "correct"
thinking down my throat. Its not only rude and disruptive, but it's
frequency on this list, has given extropianism a bad name among people
who would otherwise be its supporters. That makes me sad.

Please everybody, think for yourselves!


Bobby Whalen

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