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> << >that's the levelheaded realistic type" >>
> Being "levelheaded (and) realistic" is a pessimist's way of putting-down
> people who look at the world and its problems as an opportunity
> To me "be realistic" equals an admonition to be pessimistic. EXAMPLE:
> "Don't try to do something innovative in life and leave a legacy, you should
> be more realistic."

WHich if it were true, there would be no forward progress in our
civilization. If we were all pessimists, we'd still be sitting in the
trees debating the merits of simple tools and basic language. That we
are where we are means that a true "realistic" attitude is a lot more
optimistic than many pessimists would imagine...
> If I had been "realistic" I would have given up looking for my new heat
> resistant microorganism long ago. After all, what are the chances of
> discovering a new species? Well, I was NOT realistic . . . The new heat
> resistant species I discovered is called _Talaromyces trachyspermus_.
> <<"Optimism" does have something of a Polyanna connotation>>
> Yes. But only to pessimists and losers.

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