Re: Garbage

Michael Butler (
Thu, 24 Jul 1997 10:49:58 -0700 (PDT)

> Not good enough argument to compel me. There've been voluminous
> threads written about F111 planes (stemmed of Roswell thread I
> believe)

Mea maxissima culpa. I am genuinely chastened. Thanks, I can use that

> extends to the less-scientific, more sensational science
> fiction-oriented mind. Me thinks a little o' both.

The problem here is your equation of less-scientific with more
sensational with science fiction.

"Elvis Clone Reveals Jackie O's Secret UFO Diet!" is sensational,
and it is less-scientific. Tarring science fiction with that particular
brush should have gone out with the 1950s. A pity it hasn't.

> a forum where free expression of ideas are encouraged, even wacky
> ones.

Ah, but *is* that the charter of this forum? Have you read the document?

> provided value! I look at the subjective "I" as well the objective
> "it" (as Ken Wilber would say).

I freely grant that I should learn more diplomacy.
Thank you for the reminder.
Perhaps some of the other correspondents to this list should learn
more science. Perhaps not.

As I said before, it boils down to whether this is a clubhouse or an
outreach list. This may be a hard choice.