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><< >that's the levelheaded realistic type" >>
>Being "levelheaded (and) realistic" is a pessimist's way of putting-down
>people who look at the world and its problems as an opportunity

No, being levelheaded and realistic means looking at the facts as objectively
as possible, being practical, etc. Check the definitions in any dictionary,
pessimism != realism. Pessimistic people will often use it a catch-phrase to
support their own slanted view of the world and it's *very important* not to
let them get away with it.

>To me "be realistic" equals an admonition to be pessimistic. EXAMPLE:
> "Don't try to do something innovative in life and leave a
>legacy, you should
>be more realistic."

But it means nothing of the sort. You've been had by pessimists good at
debating. One, properly, should do a cost-benefit for doing something
innovative and leaving a legacy. If the benefit is high, as it is for most
of us, it will justify a slim chance of success. Besides, the chance of
doing *something* interesting and new isn't that slim if that's what you try

>If I had been "realistic" I would have given up looking for my new heat
>resistant microorganism long ago. After all, what are the chances of
>discovering a new species?

Of microorganism? Pretty high. We certainly know only a small portion of
microorganism species, based on soil DNA studies.

>Well, I was NOT realistic . . . The new heat
>resistant species I discovered is called _Talaromyces trachyspermus_.

Well, congratulations.