Damien Broderick (damien@ariel.ucs.unimelb.edu.au)
Wed, 23 Jul 1997 15:12:38 +0000


has an early report. Quote:

`...Juntendo University
gynecology professor Yoshinori Kuwabara...

`Kuwabara's findings have been published in the Journal of
the Japan Medical Association, the country's medical review

`Kuwabara said he had maintained goat fetuses for up to three
weeks in a plastic tank, until the end of their incubation

`Many of the experimental goat fetuses incubated in the
artificial womb only survived for a few days after being taken
out of the tank although some remained alive for much longer, he

Goats gestate for av. 151 days, so the last 21 max is not as dramatic as it
first sounded.

Damien Broderick