Re: Garbage (apparently non-recyclable)

Michael Butler (
Wed, 23 Jul 1997 15:00:05 -0700 (PDT)

I'm working on the actual _form_ of the OTC.
We could have an awards ceremony.
But how to choose the nominating committe?

Danny, are you by any chance going to be at
the Extro conference in August?

> Some of you are too predictable
> and uptight

Which of course is far inferior to being too
predictable in any other way.

> Awe, go ahead and post, I think anything should be allowed to
> post, as long as it's interesting, and water-powered cars, proper food
> combining, pole shifts, and especially psychedelics are very interesting.

Danny, I think singing "100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall" after
inhaling nitrous oxide at the dentist is interesting. Fascinating.
Absolutely the best use of my time imaginable. Hey, LIVE A LITTLE!

But I don't do it in front of people who've made it clear that they think
it's a waste of time, unless they're being paid to listen--like my
dentist. I especially don't try to convince them it's not a waste of
their time.

Have a clue, they're cheap. Some experiences are personal, and don't
travel well. Self-transformation through the use of nootropics is
possibly a matter for this list. "Food combining", by my guess, is
over the edge into the Twilight Zone. Nth-hand reports
of self-sustaining electrolysis used to power cars are useless.

Being hardheaded is hard, sometimes. But the hardheads have helped
keep the rest of the humans alive. Cut them some credit. OK?

> danny