Did Dung Beetles Kill The Mushroom?

Guru George (gurugeorge@sugarland.idiscover.co.uk)
Wed, 23 Jul 1997 22:34:12 +0100

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CALYK@aol.com wrote:

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><< At the times in question the Sahara was a temperate climate, possibly
> much like the American Midwest. My major objection is that dung beetles
> rule Africa, and all piles likely to grow mushrooms will not remain
> intact long enough to do so. An elephant dump turns into a sheet about 2
> inches thick within 48 hours, and vanishes in about a week. Shroom
> mycelium incubation to fruiting takes 2 weeks minimum.
> >>
>Thats interesting, the only thing that can be said is maybe dung beetles
>werent around 100,000 years ago. The theory is that mushrooms grew in
>shorter and shorter supply until there was none left, maybe this is due to
>the dung beetle.
Hey now *there's* a thought! Does anyone here know enough biology/ecology
to comment?

Guru George