Hierarchal List Structure

Bobby Whalen (organix@hotmail.com)
Wed, 23 Jul 1997 14:20:53 PDT

To interested List-Members:

Besides developments in intelligent filtering and content rating systems
for S/N ratio, has anyone though of simply creating separate lists for
gradiations of S/N?

An example would be:

Level 1: Very High S/N

On this list only the most critical and well-thought out posts
would be allowed via a moderator. These posts would be in the form of
Journal Articles/Peer Review. Sort of an online Extropy Journal.
Reviews and responses would have to go through a moderator or be posted
on levels 2 or 3.

Level 2: Moderate S/N

This list would consist of posts with the expectation that that
they be of a critical and well reasoned nature. In many ways, this
would resemble the list in its current form. If peoples posts start to
get too fuzzy, then point them out as you see fit. If they show an
honest attempt to increase the S/N of their responses, they should be
encouraged. This list would give others of a more fuzzy-headed nature
to improve their critical thinking skills amidst other highly
intelligent subscribers.

{One of the things I enjoy about the current Extro-List is the
opportunity to meet *PEOPLE* who share like-minded goals. Sometimes its
nice just to be able to chat with other kindred spirits in an open and
inviting arena. So we should have a level 3.}

Level 3:

Any and all who consider themselves extropic would be encouraged to
makes posts on this list so that we can all get better acquainted. This
is would be a place for people to make connections. Consider this list
an ongoing 24/7 extro party. People who hang out too much on lists 1
and 2 should be encouraged to take their shirt off once and awhile,
lighten up and party.

*Keep in mind these are only examples I made up as I went along. It
comes from the earnest desire to see all of the people on this list get
the best of all possible worlds - and perhaps start getting along with
each other.

Warm Regards,

Bobby Whalen

P.S. People who spend too much time on list 3, should be encouraged to
subscribe and listen in on the more serious discussions of lists 1 & 2 -
maybe they will learn something.

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