Terrence McKenna

Rick Knight (rknight@platinum.com)
Wed, 23 Jul 97 10:52:37 CST

Rick Knight wrote:

The tropical variety of psychedlelic mushroom is very brightly colored
(red cap with white spots---Alice was quite taken with them).

Hara Ra pointed out:

I think not. Not as described in McKenna's tapes of his Amazon
adventures. And Amanita Muscara has NO psilocybin in them, and grows
under birch and pine trees, not often encountered in the tropics.

I respond:

I'm no botanist. I've seen pictures (the cover of my psylocibin
grower's book has one) and I was making a literary connection with
Lewis Carroll's fanciful tale and the use of psychedelics.

Regarding the use of psylocibin, I have to share an experience I had
where I began with a THC cookie and then took mushrooms. I have no
prolfic interest in mathematics and prefer more audio-visual art
forms. I laid in my dark bedroom to trip (it's more reverent and
you're not distracted by visual sensory stuff--you go deeper).

I hallucinated (eyes closed) an extremely elaborate and intricate
picture, on the order of something M.C. Escher might have attempted.
It was multi-dimensional and incredible to observe. I thought that it
would be neat to observe it more up close. As soon as that "wish"
occurred, I "zoomed in" on on of the tiniest connecting lines of the
picture and discovered that it was a veritable "interstate" of
mathematical equations moving back and forth along the "line". It was

Coming out of that trip, I had a newfound appreciation for the impact
of math (particularly geometry) on the advancement of civilization. I
can rarely look at anything now without appreciating the lines and
arcs of its make up.