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Max M (
Wed, 23 Jul 1997 18:17:17 +0200

> From: Hagbard Celine

> James Rogers wrote:
> > On a completely different music thread, I am once again in the business
> > making music! After bowing out several years ago for a number of
> > I recently forked over $15k to start accruing a ton of gear so that I
> > satiate my more artistic side (I am an admitted audio gearhead). With
> > little patience and time I will soon be producing some decent cuts of
my own.
> So you spin your own techno? If so, what software do you use? I ask only
> because the guitar-based ska band I've just recently split with
> (Miskatonic U.) was leery about venturing into electronica, and that's
> the direction I see myself heading musically.

I will strongly recomend Cubase 3.05 of Cubase VST I have made all my
records in Cubase and it's a great tool.

Others favour Logic though so that might also be worth a check.

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