Re: Becoming Educated

Hara Ra (
Tue, 22 Jul 1997 14:37:04 -0700

Anders Sandberg wrote:

> > I particularly think his theory about the evolution of human
> > intelligence (actually, I would rather say human culture -
> > psychedelics are a great way of shaking up the old memes) being
> > linked to the use of psychedelic drugs has the ring of truth (see
> > 'Food of the Gods').
> Does McKenna actually have some evidence for this, or is he also
> basing his claim on that it "feels right"? It goes against most
> paleontology and what I understand of evolutionary theory.
McKenna is a visionary prophet and meta philosopher, not a scientist. I
do love his way with words, much more entertaining than the usual B.S.

> Besides, isn't savannahs (or coastal areas if you believe in the
> aquatic ape theory) very poor in natural psychedelics? How would
> McKenna explain that?

At the times in question the Sahara was a temperate climate, possibly
much like the American Midwest. My major objection is that dung beetles
rule Africa, and all piles likely to grow mushrooms will not remain
intact long enough to do so. An elephant dump turns into a sheet about 2
inches thick within 48 hours, and vanishes in about a week. Shroom
mycelium incubation to fruiting takes 2 weeks minimum.

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