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Friday, July 18, 1997

Teacher says she'll plead guilty to child

by Ronald K. Fitten
Seattle Times staff reporter

A former elementary-school teacher who had an affair
with a 13-year-old boy said yesterday she plans to
plead guilty next month to two counts of second-degree
rape of a child.

Mary Kay LeTourneau burst into tears outside the
courtroom when asked why she plans to plead guilty.
She left without commenting.

LeTourneau, 35, was arrested in March and charged with
child rape for allegedly having numerous sexual
encounters with her former student. She had taught
the boy, now 14, in the second and sixth
grades. He was a student at Cascade Middle School in
the Highline School District during the period of
their alleged sexual involvement.

The Normandy Park woman, who taught sixth grade at
Shorewood Elementary in Burien, said through her
attorney that she would enter the guilty plea Aug. 7
at the Regional Justice Center in Kent.

She could be sentenced to up to seven years in prison.
Her attorney, David Gehrke, said that as part of her
plea, he will try to convince the prosecution and the
sentencing judge that LeTourneau instead should
receive treatment.

Gehrke said he hopes she will be allowed to
participate in the state-operated Special Sex Offender
Alternative (SSOA) program, considered the most
restrictive available to sex offenders.

Gehrke said LeTourneau has been evaluated by two
state-certified sexual-deviancy counselors whose
recommendations will be sent to a probation officer,
who will recommend whether she should be
considered for the program. If she is allowed to
participate, treatment would continue for at least
three years.

The attorney said that other conditions of a plea
agreement could require her to serve up to six months
in jail, have no contact with the victim for 10 years
and no unsupervised contact with any children,
including her own, without permission from her
probation officer and her treatment counselor.


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Supplementary information:

The boy in the case has no complaints-- Ms. Letourneus was 'grassed' by
two relatives, it seems. No-one in the case alleges any harm to anyone --
except to the accused herself. She currerntly faces a choice between up
to twnty years in jail as a 'child rapist', the loss of her own family,
and/or forced attendace for brainwashing sesssions, 'aversion therapy' (an
oxymoron) etc.

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Lisa Johnson is the Prosecutor at the 'Regional Justice Centre' at Kent,
Seattle, WA (206-205-7400). She has a voice like iron, and is a Legal
Positivist (i.e. the 'law' is whatever the State says it is -- the legal
doctrine which broght the world the USSR and Nazi Germany).

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Norm Maleng is the ( elected -- Republican ) Chief Prosecutor. There's an
entry for him in Covert Action Information Bulletin (http;//
He's on 206-285-3389. Somerthing to do with the Imelda Marcos regime's
inaptly-named 'intelligence' death squads killing two longshoremen of
local 37 in Seattle, within the US itself...

There's a US$ 15 000 000 civil judgment still outstanding in the case. It
seems that some death squad members somehow got away...

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Interestingly, the hideous 'demonstration' killers of young JonBenet Ramsey in
Colorado left a note with a sign-off 'Victory, SBTC' -- believed to be a
reference to 'SUBIC BAY TRAINING CENTRE' -- the non-defunct US Naval base
in the Philippines.

I'm an external adviser to the Boulder, Colorado District Attorney's
office in the case, BTW.

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Norm Maleng's Deputy is one Dan Satterberg, another 'voice of iron' and
another Legal Positivist -- 206-296-9067.

In addition to being indifferent to Ms. Letourneur, Dan Satterberg seems
completely indifferent to massive criminal law violations on his own
doorstep, relating to the issue of 'backdoors' inserted into Windows95 by
Microsoft Corporation based in Seattle -- violations which should wipe
Microsoft out for violating Federal Laws (including the _Nation Security
Agency's Charter_, which directly obligates NSA to protect the computer
security and the copnstitutional rights of of all US citizens),
obligations to Windows95 customers and directly prejudicing the security
of NATO itself-- _the backdoor access routines have been 'hacked_.'

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JonBenet Ramsey's father John Bennett Ramsey's billion-dollar company
(Access Graphics) works with Larry Ellison and Oracle as a prime
contractor on Network Internet Termimals; Oracle is a key Microsoft rival
and marketplace alternative. Their chosen Operating sustem has no
trapdoors and backdoors). This unlikely to endear them to some governemt
officials involve with the Windoze95 scam.

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Mary Kay Letourneau is represented by:

David Gehrke, 206-682-2973

Friends, let us help if we are worth anything at all.

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