Re: TECHNO MUSIC: Faithless

James Rogers (
Wed, 23 Jul 1997 00:34:39 -0700

At 05:32 PM 7/22/97 -0500, Natasha V. More wrote:
>If you haven't listened, please do:
>RE: Faithless's "Reverence" CD cuts titled "Insomnia" and "Insomnia"
>(Monster Mix Radio Edit).
>Has anyone seen them in concert? This sound is so good it almost hurts
>'cause ya just can't get enough.

Haven't seen them in concert, but I know the cuts you are referring to.

"Insomnia" is really pretty good and sounds quite fresh next to the
plethora of stale stuff that seems to be emerging from that genre. This CD
will likely become an addition to my already rapidly growing collection of
techno/trance/ambient/etc CDs.

On a completely different music thread, I am once again in the business of
making music! After bowing out several years ago for a number of reasons,
I recently forked over $15k to start accruing a ton of gear so that I could
satiate my more artistic side (I am an admitted audio gearhead). With a
little patience and time I will soon be producing some decent cuts of my own.

If anyone on this list would like to collaborate musically, I would be more
than happy to do it.

-James Rogers