PAX MEMO: Unilateral Nonproliferation Notice 970722

Michael M. Butler (butler@comp*
Tue, 22 Jul 1997 22:59:58 -0700


My new policy: in order to make peace with the estimable Mr. Genen,
and avoid any charges of kvetching, I'll confine myself to responding
only to those parts of his missives with which I agree. If I do not post
a response, it may be that I think he's a self-described career meddler
in others' affairs, and proud of it, as we've both said; upon the other hand,
it may simply be that I'm too in awe of his worldliness and--what
was the word?--pondering? to dream of adding a jot from my own
callow, feckless, worthless few decades' experience of trying
to create the future's writing and thinking tools, so that
those who choose might be free to live science fiction themselves
rather than read it while living in chains--which bankrupt time, by the bye,
some as the son of a politician, tells me among other things that
much harm is done for others' good; excepting, of course,
any law ever drafted by present company--I'm sure we needed every one
of them more than we need(ed) a world hypertext library
or a fundamental shift in how we perceive ethics.

Can you tell I've been reading 18th-century authors lately? :)


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