Re: Sex Change

Kathryn Aegis (
Mon, 21 Jul 1997 23:18:34 +0000

Robin Hanson:
>This sounds a bit conspiracy-theorist to me. How exactly would all
>social institutions be hurt by behavior that helps people understand
>how gender is constructed?

I think that prior to responding to your question I need you to
re-read the post you took it from. The first paragraph summarizes
Lorber's premise, and the second paragraph forms the logical
extension vis-a-vis the response of societal institutions to a
transgressive act.

Most people who have read Lorber have a strong reactions to her work,
but she is widely acknowledged as a formidable intellect, with an
impressive editorial and academic resume--throwing around terms like
'conspiracy theorist' seems a shallow, almost knee-jerk response to
her work.

Kathryn Aegis