Re: IRS regulations in business

Eric Watt Forste (
Tue, 22 Jul 1997 19:09:56 -0700

Abraham Moses Genen writes:
> In an inordinately large number of incidents these young
> and quite unsophisticated people are exploited and ultimately
> abandoned without any assets by these unscrupulous companys
> throughout the country.

Exploited how? Is fraud being committed? If so, wouldn't existing
fraud law be a better tool to use against these people than
regulations that obstruct the innocent business relationships of
older and more sophisticated people who are not engaging in fraud?
If fraud is *not* being committed, then perhaps I may once again
trouble you by asking you for specifics? Perhaps an example or

> Regrettably, the US Department of Labor and the IRS lack the
> staffing to prevent most of these horrible (approaching slavery)
> human rights abuses.

Strong words. Perhaps you might mention which human rights are
being abused in these cases. But why should these situations be
the concern of the federal government? Might not these situations
be handled better at the state level? I'm just troubled by your
mention of the US Dept of Labor and the IRS, without a thought for
the responsibility of the states to operate against crimes in their
territories. Only I'm not sure which crimes are being committed,
because although you hinted heavily that crimes were being committed,
you didn't actually name any (except slavery, which these purported
misdeeds only "approach").

I am troubled by my use of the word "situations" above. But I find
I have no recourse to any other word, because your hints have no
substance behind them. There are these unpleasant *situations*,
don't you know, which can't be named or even described in detail,
and it's because of these that the IRS must harrass corporations
in Silicon Valley who hire contractors for terms longer than 18
months. There's a specific example of how these "situations" and
the regulations that are supposed to redress them affect my life.
I have a rather comfortable contract right now, a potentially
long-term one, but I just recently found out that my client will
have to give me the heave-ho after 18 months, willy-nilly, or suffer
from IRS persecution. How this helps the poor innocent children
who are being exploited in Oklahoma (or whatever you are vaguely
hinting at, Mr. Genen), I have no idea.

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