The value of Tribal Culture (was: Terence McKenna)

Bobby Whalen (
Tue, 22 Jul 1997 15:14:44 PDT

On Tue, 22 Jul 1997 James Rogers wrote:

>My basic problem with the "psychedelic tribal etc. is qualitatively
>meme, is that it tends to limit real advancement by promoting the
beauty of
>mysticism over the beauty of understanding ("ignorance is bliss" vs.
>"applied knowledge can lead to bliss with hard work").
>tribal communities solve few real problems. Their subjective
>("qualitative") experiences lend little towards promoting the objective
>quality of their lives, other than as a form of escapism perhaps.

That is deeply a matter of opinon. I happen to enjoy my computer, my
smart drugs, and our expanding perceptual/conceptual universe via Space
Telescopes and Nanoprobes. However, I do NOT enjoy having to work 40+
hours to maintain it. Although my job is quite interesting and
enjoyable for the most part, I would rather be spending more of my time
in liesure pursuits. Obviously tribal cultures have not advanced their
postion, but they have no impelling reason to do so when the majority of
their time is spent having sex and fun.

The reason I'm not droping my clothes and running to the rain forest is
because I basically agree with you as to the process of maximizing ones
extropy. However if work is the be all and end all of our extropic
pursuits, we need a serious re-assement! I for one, plan on taking my
nanotechnoligcal self(s) into the farest reaches of the cosmos in seach
of the biggest parties I can find!

My future is maximum fun, minimum work! I work hard only as is
necessary to increase my extropy and no more. I plan on surving the end
of whatever happens to this universe - not so I have to work more, but
work less. I plan on tweaking the physical constants as much as
possible, to ensure that whatever basement universes I create will
maximize fun, minimize work/fuss.

If it wasn't for the tribal cultures I've spent time with, and the
psychedelics I have imbibed, I don't think I would appreacite the subtle
point I am trying to get across here. Its the difference between a
computer artist and their tools. As a computer artist you are in the
conudrum of having to *balance* your time between keeping up with the
latest tools of the trade and actually creating something with them.
Balance is the key word here. Tribal cultures have a lot to teach us
about balance. That is my opinion.

Warm Regards,

Bobby Whalen

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