Re: Psychadelic and other Garbage on Extropians

Bobby Whalen (
Tue, 22 Jul 1997 14:29:15 PDT

On Tue, 22 Jul 1997 Perry E. Metzger wrote:

>That wouldn't stop most of us. Hell, you can buy any sort of "illegal"
>drug you want on the free ("black" is a dirty word) market.

Of course, of course..

>Half the people posting here are, quite frankly,
>about as critical in their thinking as trepanned chihuahuas. This is
>not the Extropians list of yore, where polymaths gathered to swap
>INFORMED discussion.

Who put you in charge? Since you didn't mention my name specifically, I
cannot assume you were referring to me. However, if you believe any of
my posts have been lacking in critical thinking, please point them out.
I agree with you that there is a lack of reasoning among some who make
posts on this list.

>Yes, I'm an elitist of sorts. I'd rather hear Carl Feynman woolgather
>about ways to build craft to explore the Sun's atmosphere than hear
>the empty-headed wannabes mumble along. Why? Because Carl is a better
>thinker and his speculations are thus far more interesting to read,
>that's why. I'd say that Carl is, in fact, "better" than "Danny", at
>least at informed speculation on scientific topics of interest to me.
>(And no, I wouldn't mind at all if the fuzzy-headed crowd felt
>insulted and left. In fact, I highly encourage them to do so.)

I too enjoy hearing Carl Feynman's posts. And yes, I prefer to hear more
established scientific extroplations on this list. I must say however,
that it is people like you that give me the creeps! As we approach the
singularity, I hope that those ahead will have more tolerance of those
behind, than you do. Otherwise I fear, we will end up with some nasty
form of nanotechnological ubergoo from the likes of you!

By the way, its going to take a lot more than elitist posts such as
yours to get me off this list. In fact, just on principle I feel like
posting all sorts of pseudo-scientific and non-sensical drivel. But
lucky for you I have better manners and will spare you such agony.


Bobby Whalen

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