Re: Psychadelic and other Garbage on Extropians

Robin Hanson (
Tue, 22 Jul 1997 14:24:42 -0700 (PDT)

Perry said:
>This is not the Extropians list of yore, where polymaths gathered to
>swap INFORMED discussion.

Yup. A high quality open list can stay that way only if participants
are willing to take the time to discourage those who make low quality
posts. This can be via a moderator, flaming, careful critiques,
obscure language, an appearance of boring topics, or whatever. Of
course some of these techniques are more "civilized" than others.

Andrea Gallagher writes:
>The filtering system that we had back in '92 didn't satisfy me in the
>end, I think because it seemed to break a sense of shared community.
>And maybe the approach of yelling at people who post stupid things
>will work, though you have more energy and flair for it than I do.

I agree that individual filtering fails for this reason.

Robin D. Hanson